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About the Evaluation
This evaluation is restricted to 25 e-mails per ‘print’ run and a total of 45 evaluation days from first installation.
Additionally, the following footnote will appear on all e-mails sent during the evaluation period only:

PS: I‘m sending you this e-mail and attachment using PDF-eXPLODE, an amazing document distribution tool. You can try PDF-eXPLODE for your own business using the FREE trial version available at – http://www.pdf-explode.com

On completion of the questionnaire below, you will receive an email to the nominated address with a link to download the desktop version of PDF-eXPLODE. Server versions of the product are not fully functional in Trial mode so it is recommended you try the desktop version to gauge the product’s suitability to your needs and then request a server trial copy to try out too; please email us at: mail@3000ad.com.au after you have downloaded and tried the desktop.

If you just purchased PDF-eXPLODE via Pay Pal, your license will be emailed to your email address within 24 hours. Any problems you can contact mail@3000ad.com.au quoting your PayPal invoice number.

The current version of PDF-eXPLODE is V4.1.26.97 (Nov 2016)
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