automates the document delivery process for businesses.


Have you ever felt like your company was sitting on the edge of a breakthrough? OR

Have you ever felt like success was just out of your grasp?  OR

Have you ever wanted to take your business to “the next level”?

Then e-merge is your answer. It is an inexpensive cost effective option to get you there via target marketing campaigns and “e-mail blasting”. With frequent e-mail blasts, you will be able to keep customer awareness of your business high with little to no cost. In addition, with every e-mail blast you make, you can highlight specific goods or services, announce new products, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation among your prospective customers. e-mergemakes it faster and easier to distribute business documents to your business clients via e-mail. You can send invoices, statements and other reports and correspondence.

Unlike PDF-eXPLODE, e-merge does not work by splitting a report or document (aka ‘Document or Report Bursting’); rather it can connect directly to your Business database (via ODBC data connectivity) and will send multiple pre-created documents/reports to multiple email destinations.

e-merge is easy to set up and use. You don’t have to be an HTML expert. Most HTML commands are captured by highlighting the text you want to enhance, and clicking the appropriate button. You can progressively preview your output as you create your Message template. To enhance the power of HTML template creation:
    • You can connect to any database of your choice using the ODBC feature built into Windows. This allows you to insert email addresses from your database as well as salutations/ names/ or any data.
    • You can also include attachments with a file name based on one of your fields in the database table. For example, if you wanted to mail out a document to several Clients, each attachment being specific to the client, you can set the filename to be the Client ID + “.doc” or “.pdf” for the appropriate file type. If all of the documents are located in one folder, you could very easily configure e-merge to attach the correct Client attachment to the relevant Client email. You could do the same with invoice attachments.
    • There is the ability to insert constants across multiple email templates as well as date keywords variables (like “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “StartMonth”,”EndMonth” – 23 in all) that will calculate each time you run the HTML template to an email or even calculate the no of days between two dates, all of which caters to more meaningful dynamic messages.
    • You can insert graphics or logos with links to a website or embed them into the Email template from your local drive.
With e-merge, the possibilities are endless – personalised newsletters, bulk e-mail marketing campaigns, e-mailing remittances advices or invoices with database values “fed” into the e-mail with e-merge creating “hooks” into your data. To start your e-mail marketing newsletter campaign in a matter of minutes you would:
    • Compose your email message or download any newsletter template available on the Net.
    • You can optionally connect to any database or your business database if you prefer and merge field level data into your message. You will require the data driver for your business software. These can generally be purchased separately from your software supplier.
    • Insert e-mail addresses database field into either the e-merge TO, CC or BCC text lines direct from your database or Import e-mail lists from any text file or even link to your MS Outlook personal address book
Send your newsletter advertising and bulk emailing, either individually or as a distribution list with the click of the toolbar button in e-merge. With the purchase of e-merge:
    • You are not giving away your valuable data to any third party and most importantly, you can use your very own database.
    • There are no recurring fees – Why pay for each contact or email sent? Keep as many email contacts as you wish in your database
    • Use e-merge to bulk e-mail as often as you need, without constantly worrying about how much you are spending. Your upfront purchase cost is all you ever pay in most cases unless you choose to use an alternative web based SMTP host to relay your email messages.
    • Email can be batch-sent to business clients, customers, patients, employees, vendors, investors and others, saving time and money. e-merge is perfect for publicity marketing campaigns or even sending invoices, statements, form letters and other reports and correspondence