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How does it work?

e-merge is a marketing tool capable of bulk e-mailing beautifully formatted HTML documents and attachments. This process is sometimes referred t an e-mail blasting. e-merge takes all the hard work of creating HTML text. You just type your message contents and by use of the formatting buttons, you highlight text and click the appropriate HTML format button to achieve the desired presentation. As part of your message, you can connect and merge data from any business database which individualizes each message. Data can be linked to the e-mail record to give your marketing e-mail material with a personal touch.

e-merge then runs through a series of three steps to create and distribute targeted emails.
  • ♦ You create text in the message area and format this text to HTML using the buttons provided.

  • ♦ Connect to your business database using Windows ODBC (see the Control Panel / Administrative Tools/ Data Sources) and insert data fields at selected positions in the message.

  • ♦ Enter e-mail addresses into one of the address locations (TO, CC or BCC) manually or import from MS Outlook personal address book, an e-mail text list or using a database field inserted on the address line.

  • ♦ Click send “Individual” or “Distribution” e-mails to transmit your marketing message worldwide in an instant.

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