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Document Bursting made easy…

Document Bursting (or PDF bursting) is a phrase many people use today. But what does “bursting” mean and how does PDF-eXPLODE make document bursting even better

Document Bursting is a feature that runs a report only once yet delivers only selected output to different nominated destinations (or Report Users) based on preconfigured rules, greatly reducing processing times and manual human effort while still ensuring data security.PDF-eXPLODE takes a PDF file printed or exported from any PDF printer or Report Writer and splits it into multiple page PDFs, sorted by destination. PDF-eXPLODE takes report or PDF bursting to a new level by automatically delivering various sections of the report in PDF format, as an attachment to a customized email message. PDF-eXPLODE can archive the exploded report across several folders to multiple levels.

For document bursting, you just can’t go past PDF-eXPLODE for price, service and speed of implementation.

The Best Crystal Reports Bursting tool..

The greatest Crystal Reports Bursting distribution tool is here to help! Bulk Emailing of Crystal Reports just got easier! Automatically split and email Crystal Report Invoices, Statements, Pay stubs and more.

As people demand more information, businesses need to streamline and re-engineer their processes to be more time conscious and cost effective, finding more efficient and accurate ways to communicate. With PDF-eXPLODE you can easily hook into Crystal Reporting and automate the process of Crystal Reports bursting and automatic document delivery. You just need a minor change to the Crystal report to integrate with PDF-eXPLODE’s backend configuration and watch the report email and archive. 250 Invoices in around 5 minutes!  

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Bulk Emailing of Paystubs and Invoices..

PDF-eXPLODE is software that automates the task of sending batches of Invoices, Statements, Paystubs and Payment advices or any business document. What makes PDF-eXPLODE so easy to use is that it installs as a Windows’s Printer enabling it to capture anything that would ordinarily print. What makes PDF-eXPLODE so unique is that it will automatically burst (or explodes) the report output and then collate the report pages by destination, converting them to PDF and then attaching it to an email or sending it to a hardware printer or just archiving the exploded PDF files to one or more folders as configured. You will:

  1. save time and money on document processing
  2. improve your cash flow
  3. AND have spare time to yourself.

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